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origin story...

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"At Montessori Origins, we are not reinventing the wheel - we are connecting the need with the solution."


Founder & Director of Operations, Montessori Origins

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our origins...

We are extremely passionate about education - just ask our kids how lockdown homeschooling went. Six years ago we chose a Montessori school for our family and we were blown away by the first observation. These tiny humans could grasp concepts and processes much earlier than we ever imagined. And not just in traditional subject matter; these kids had a whole and independent sense of self. It’s an astounding thing to see. We couldn’t help thinking how life-giving this kind of schooling would be for all children.

In 2021 we were in Bosnia and decided to visit an orphanage with the idea of making some kind of charitable contribution. But when we got in there, it was a light-bulb moment. The children had their basic needs met — the orphanage was doing the best they could with their limited funding — but there was such a missed opportunity. The toddler and pre-school aged kids were essentially in a waiting pattern until public schooling started at the age of six. We thought back to the first observation at the Montessori school and what a stark difference this model of education made in the foundation of life.  We knew this early-learning framework would make a world of difference in the lives of these orphans. And so we’ve set up Montessori Origins to make this happen for as many kids as possible. 

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